Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Learning Networks and Connective Knowledge

When browsing through Stephen´s blog, I came across his new paper "Learning Networks and Connective Knowledge". Stephen also provides PowerPoint Slides for the same. In the abstract of his paper, Stephen states "The purpose of this paper is to outline some of the thinking behind new e-learning technology, including e-portfolios and personal learning environments. Part of this thinking is centered around the theory of connectivism, which asserts that knowledge - and therefore the learning of knowledge - is distributive, that is, not located in any given place (and therefore not 'transferred' or 'transacted' per se) but rather consists of the network of connections formed from experience and interactions with a knowing community. And another part of this thinking is centered around the new, and the newly empowered, learner, the member of the net generation, who is thinking and interacting in new ways. These trends combine to form what is sometimes called 'e-learning 2.0' - an approach to learning that is based on conversation and interaction, on sharing, creation and participation, on learning not as a separate activity, but rather, as embedded in meaningful activities such as games or workflows".

A nice paper indeed with several new theories and trends in learning settings such as connectivism, learning networks, e-learning 2.0, and PLEs, that Stephen has put together into one interesting paper.

Many thanks Stephen for the nice paper!

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