Friday, October 20, 2006


Just came across this new Web 2.0 tool when browsing through Harold Jarche´s blog. Vyew is a free "Web conferencing and Always-on collaboration platform that enables shared visual communication from any web browser in less than 10 seconds! Vyew users can collaboratively create and share Microsoft PowerPoint-like pages over the web by intermixing Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files, images, white-board annotations, and more", the product team claims. Robin Good states that "Vyew is a very cool new online collaboration tool which allows anyone, on any type of computer, to share and annotate his ideas, documents, presentations or digital images, in real-time, and with up to 20 attendees". Vyew version 2.0 has recently been released with new features. I didn´t try it out yet, but Harold reported a positive experience with Vyew while using it for slide sharing and text chat in the Informl Learning Unworkshop along with Skypecast for voice. According to Harold "Vyew, especially when combined with Skype, makes for a powerful platform for rapid informal learning".

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