Friday, November 10, 2006

ConceptShare and Thinkature for Real-Time Collaboration

TechCrunch pointed to 2 real-time collaboration products: ConceptShare and Thinkature. "Both products let users create shared visual workspaces that can be marked up and chatted in".

According to TechCrunch, "Conceptshare workspaces can include multiple concept pages, comments appear in individual threads that can be clicked through one at a time so they don’t become overwhelming, images can be drawn on and zoomed into. Screen captures can be imported by simply providing a URL. All the modules of the workspace can be resized by dragging their borders; so if I want to see the last 15 lines of chat instead of having the image being discussed taking up the bulk of my screen I can easily make that change."

"Rather than Conceptshare’s Flash interface, Thinkature is built entirely of HTML and Javascript and uses a persistent http connection for synchronous communication. You can place images and text in the workspaces, connect boxes and chat in real time. Only the most recent chat messages are visible unless you click a tab to pop up a box with the full chat history."

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scott brooks said...

Thanks for the mention. I want to let you know that we plan to launch multiple languages shortly.

thanks for checking us out.