Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Edublog Awards 2006 - nominations open

Josie Fraser announced the third international Edublog Awards , "the independently run, community-based awards programme which recognizes and promotes excellence in the educational use of social software".

"The main purpose of the awards is to demonstrate the huge variety of excellent practice going on across the world, to provide a showcase site for everyone interested using social software to support informal or formal education, and to have some fun along the way. If you aren't familiar with the awards, check out 2005's amazing roll-call".

This year there are ten categories:

  • Best audio and/or visual blog
  • Best group blog
  • Best individual blog
  • Most influential post, resource or presentation
  • Best library/librarian blog
  • Best newcomer
  • Best research paper on social software within learning and teaching
  • Best teacher blog
  • Best undergraduate blog
  • Best wiki use
Nominations are open from 8 November to 30 November and can be emailed to the awards address: 2006awards@googlemail.com. Head over to the awards blog for all the info.

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