Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yahoo! Bookmarks

Yahoo! has recently launched a new beta service: Yahoo! Bookmarks. According to the Yahoo! bookmarks team, Yahoo! Bookmarks allow people to store their favorites from across the web and get to them from any computer connected to the Internet. New features of Yahoo! bookmarks include:

  • Advanced search functionality
  • Thumbnails for quickly recognizing sites
  • Convenient drag-and-drop management
  • Organize bookmarks with folders and tags
  • Ability to save page content along with the URL
  • Editing abilities when saving
  • An end to the 1000 bookmark limit
Yahoo! already has 2 other services dealing with bookmarks: the well known and MyWeb. The Yahoo! bookmarks team states that Yahoo! Bookmarks will focus on personal saving, organization, and recovery while will concentrate on meeting social bookmarking and sharing needs and that users of MyWeb will in a few months be able to roll over to either Yahoo! Bookmarks or

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