Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yahoo! Search and Yahoo! Answers

Some time ago, I wrote about question-answer services and Yahoo! Answers, the free service that rely on users who can ask and answer each other questions. Today when browsing through the Yahoo! Search blog, I came across this post announcing the merge of Yahoo! Search and Yahoo! Answers. With this service, Yahoo! provides us with an innovative Web 2.0 driven search approach, based on the wisdom of the crowd and the important principle of harnessing collective intelligence. Ya-Bing Chu, Product Manager at Yahoo! Search states "we have been integrating knowledge from the Yahoo! Answers community into search to enhance your search experience...if you're looking for personal experiences with tennis camps, finding places off the beaten path, or researching the best hybrid car, you'll now have an extra option on Yahoo! Search (scroll down the results to see them)". Well worth a try!

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