Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ajaxian Predictions: Ajax in 2007

On the Ajaxian blog, Dion Almaer and Michael Mahemoff have posted their predictions for 2007.

Some of Dion´s predictions:

  • Someone tries to coin Ajax 2.0.
  • A large amount of apps have flash AND ajax, and users don’t know or care.
  • A widget api means componts can run on many frameworks using one api.
Some of Michael´s predictions:
  • Google Office. Finally!
  • With its excellent documentation and pattern language integration, the Yahoo UI library becomes the standard weapon of choice among mainstream developers seeking a pure Javascript framework. In the Java world, GWT makes great strides as the platform becomes richer and design patterns emerge.
  • Mobile web development continues to suck.
  • Javascript increasingly recognised as the world’s most popular “second language” and becomes popular as a lingua franca to describe generic programming concepts. Several attempts at server-side Javascript frameworks.

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