Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Formal OR/AND Informal Learning?

In a recent post, Harold Jarche writes "The conversation around informal learning has been heating up a bit lately, with Stephen Downes’ critique of Jay Cross’ mixer analogy, as well as Bill Brantley’s attack on the entire book".

My personal view on the same is that we don´t need just formal learning or infomal learning. Actually, the need for formal or informal learning depends on the level of mastery: novice, experienced or expert. Novices need more formal, structured, knowledge-push model of learning while experts require more informal, self-organized, knowledge-pull model of learning. What we would need is rather a new model of blended learning which is not just a combination of e-learning and classroom training but a personalized combination of formal learning, informal learning, and knowledge management (KM) within a social context via e.g. Web 2.0 technologies. I want also to stress that with KM I don´t refer to KM interpretations which
view knowledge as object that can be captured, stored, and re-used but rather to interpretations that focus more on the personal, social, dynamic, and active representation of knowledge.

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