Monday, February 12, 2007


During the past couple of days, I’ve been attending a PROLEARN WP12 meeting at Brunel University London. My colleagues Daniel Burogos, Vana Kamtsiou, Lampros Stergioulas, Jacques Dang, and Tapio Koskinen were there. Paul Lefrere and Ambjörn Naeve have joined us via Skype. In the first phase of PROLEARN roadmap, we came up with 6 vision statements:
- VS1: Everyone should be able to learn anything at anytime at anyplace.
- VS2: Learning as a means to support and enhance work performance.
- VS3: Promote innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship at work.
- VS4: Learning as a means to increase employability.
- VS5: Market take-up driven by transparency, wider choice at all levels, selection optimization and consumer driven market.
- VS6: Access to professional learning for all – extending the knowledge based society.

In this meeting we identified and analyzed the gaps of the 6 vision statements i.e. a comparison between the state of the art and the vision statements has been performed in order to identify the gaps between what is available today and what is needed for the future. The results will be presented at the PROLEARN review which will take place in
Vienna, February 28-March 1.
The meeting was very productive and has again shown that active participation and collaborative knowledge creation is a very effective way to learn.

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