Thursday, May 03, 2007

E-Learning 101

Via Jochen Robes´ blog (By the way one of the best German blogs dealing with E-Learning issues)

Janet Clarey from Brandon Hall Research has written a report on the basics of E-Learning entitled "E-Learning 101: An Introduction to E-Learning, Learning Tools and Technologies". I have 2 remarks to the report, first I agree with Jochen and cannot see what 101 stands for. Second, in the report there is little about the new Web 2.0 technologies and their potential use in E-Learning.
The report can be downloaded here.


Janet Clarey said...

Hello Mohamed-
Thank you for posting the paper. Your comments made me look up '101' in wikipedia. The term is not commonly used throughout the world. At universities in the United States, Canada and South Africa, 101 is the course number of basic or entry-level courses. By extension, it is informally used elsewhere to indicate things that are meant for beginners ( Web. 2.0 "101" would be a good report for those looking for an introduction to new technologies for learning. I wanted to keep this one focused on e-learning '101' or e-learning 1.0.

Mohamed Amine Chatti said...

Thanks Janet for the clarification!