Tuesday, May 08, 2007

SunID: OpenID at Sun

Sun yesterday announced

a new initiative around support for OpenID, a decentralized, web-friendly single sign-on mechanism that allows consumers to reuse a single login across different websites, tackling the "login explosion" problem. OpenID is currently limited to facilitating low-risk transactions such as blog comments. Through its new initiative, Sun is exploring what changes and practices are needed to make OpenID applicable to a broader spectrum of business and IT challenges. The company will actively encourage participation from customers and technology partners through a series of activities and real-life implementations that are initially driven by Sun's Chief Technologist's Office.

Brady Forrest from O´Reilly Radar writes:

A lot of companies have started supporting OpenID one way or another (Radar post -- Microsoft supports it in Vista, Yahoo's Authentication APIs can be made to support OpenID, and AOL will be an OpenID provider). However, Sun is the only one to make it more of an employee tool instead of a consumer one.

In an earlier post, I put together a list of interesting resources on OpenID that I´m trying to update regularly.

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