Thursday, June 28, 2007

Google Collaboration Apps (Google Co-Apps)

Ron Schneider announced new changes to Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

What's new:
  • Looking pretty - The entire document list has been given a complete visual overhaul - new icons, more content, and better organizational controls. We know users spend a lot of time here and we aim to make it feel more like home.
  • Getting organized - Almost from the day we launched people have been clamoring for folders. They're here! Even cooler, our new folders continue to work like the tags they've replaced - your old tags are automatically converted to folders and documents can live in more than one folder at a time. Organizing your documents is as easy as dragging and dropping a document to a folder. We've also included special controls for seeing only those documents created by you or shared with a particular person.
  • Search that thinks ahead - If you've ever tried Google Suggest, you know how cool it is when a search engine offer suggestions as you type. Google Docs & Spreadsheets now works the same way - we offer dynamically filtered results from your document list as you type, saving you time and getting you to your documents more quickly.

I´m quite sure there will be in the near future a major update of Google Docs & Spreadsheets by adding presentation sharing capabilities to the same after the acquisition of Tonic Systems and Zenter. Google has then to find a new name for the extended web office suite. Maybe Google Co-Apps.

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