Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Social Software for Life-Long Learning

Our article "Social Software for Life-Long Learning" has been published in the journal of Educational Technology & Society, Volume 10, Issue 3, 2007. The article can be accessed at: http://www.ifets.info/issues.php?id=36. My colleague Ralf Klamma did a great work in coordinating the work among a group of PROLEARNERs. It was indeed a nice opportunity to work with great researchers in the PROLEARN Network of Excellence like Erik Duval and Ambjörn Naeve. I would like here to thank both of them for giving me the chance to work and learn from them.


Life-long learning is a key issue for our knowledge society. With social software systems new heterogeneous kinds of technology enhanced informal learning are now available to the life-long learner. Learners outside of learning institutions now have access to powerful social communities of experts and peers who are together forging a new web 2.0. This paper reviews current work in pan-European initiatives that impact upon life-long learning via views of professional learning, learner competence and social networking. It seeks to provide an overview of some of the critical research questions for the interdisciplinary field of social software research.


Klamma, R., Chatti, M. A., Duval, E., Hummel, H., Hvannberg, E. H., Kravcik, M., Law, E., Naeve, A., & Scott, P. (2007). Social Software for Life-long Learning. Educational Technology & Society, 10 (3), 72-83.

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