Thursday, October 25, 2007

The state of Enterprise 2.0

Via George Siemens.

A nice post by Dion Hinchcliffe on the state of
Enterprise 2.0. While discussing the state of Enterprise 2.0 in fall 2007, Dion listed 7 lessons learned about Enterprise 2.0:

  1. Enterprise 2.0 is going to happen in your organization with you or without you.
  2. Effective Enterprise 2.0 seems to involve more than just blogs and wikis.
  3. Enterprise 2.0 is more a state of mind than a product you can purchase.
  4. Most businesses still need to educate their workers on the techniques and best practices of Enterprise 2.0 and social media.
  5. The benefits of Enterprise 2.0 can be dramatic, but only builds steadily over time.
  6. Enterprise 2.0 doesn’t seem to put older IT systems out of business.
  7. Your organization will begin to change in new ways because of Enterprise 2.0. Be ready.

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