Thursday, November 08, 2007

CUELC Seminar in Cairo

Over the last couple of days I attended a CUELC seminar at Cairo University, Egypt. It was indeed a very nice event. Undergraduate and postgraduate students from Aachen University, INR Evry, and Cairo University met together to discuss their TEL experience. The fruitful discussions revealed that the cultural background has a great impact on TEL. This will be documented in reports that the students from the different institutions will be preparing over the next days. These reports will also build the basis for the upcoming project deliverable.
It was a also very nice to see again Prof. Samir Shaheen, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Nevine Darwish, the head of the computer engineering department, and Dr. Magda Fayek, the associate professor at the same department. We discussed the progress of the CUELC project as well as the current state and future of TEL in North Africa and the Middle East.
We really enjoyed the 3 days we´ve spent there. Besides long discussion sessions and workshops, we visited several great places and monuments like AlJiza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, Al Hussain Mosque, Khan El Khalili, and Al Azhar Park. We enjoyed the time there with our friendly and professional guide Fayez who provided us with a great overiew of the cultural and natural heritage of different Cairo locations and Wael the awesome chap who took us on a car tour to experiment the nightlife in Cairo. It was amazing how he knows every single place in Cairo and how to get there in a very short time.

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