Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The 2008 Horizon Report

Via Stephen Downes

The 2008 Horizon Report (.pdf) is now available.

The two technologies placed on the first adoption horizon in this edition, grassroots video and collaboration webs, are already in use on many campuses. Examples of these are not difficult to find. Applications of mobile broadband and data mashups, both on the mid-term horizon, are evident in organizations at the leading edge of technology adoption, and are beginning to appear at many institutions. Educational uses of the two topics on the far-term horizon, collective intelligence and social operating systems, are understandably rarer; however, there are examples in the worlds of commerce, industry and entertainment that hint at coming use in academia within four to five years.

I agree with Stephen that the report is actually describing trends that already exist!


max said...

Greetings Mohamed - Thanks for this information!

I enjoy your blog and read it regularly (I'm just not a big commentor, so far).

Greg Maxwell
Manager, e-Learning
Masco Corporation
Taylor, Michigan USA

Mohamed Amine Chatti said...

Thanks Greg for your comment!