Monday, February 11, 2008

Metadata 2.0

Last week I participated in the Metadata 2.0 workshop in Leuven. It was indeed a very successful event, well organized and chaired by Erik, as usual. I presented there our automatic metadata generation system ALOA. The slides are available on slideshare. All presentations are available at the workshop wiki. Interesting people have attended this workshop either in person or remotely via flashmeeting. We discussed several crucial metadata issues. In my opinion, there are still many open issues to work on in the metadata research area.
I enjoyed talking to Martin Memmel who turned out to be a colleague of Bertin Klein, a very good old friend of mine with whom I enjoyed playing soccer at my former soccer team Eintracht Kaiserslautern. Martin has also given a nice talk on ALOE (not ALOA:-). We discussed ways to join forces. We are planning for instance to make ALOE use ALOA as its metadata generator. Hope this can be realized soon.

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