Friday, April 25, 2008

Top 10 Knowledge Management Myths

Mary Abraham cites Jean E. Engle and Ed Rogers from the NASA/Johnson Space Center, who provide a list of "Top 10 Knowledge Management Myths":

10. Culture can be mandated from the top
9. Collaboration can be "purchased" or "sharing can be rewarded"
8. KM can be outsourced
7. Anybody (who isn't busy) can do KM
6. KM can be solved by buying the right software
5. KM can be independent of the business process
4. Communities of practice can be established by the top
3. KM is about centralizing knowledge content to use it more efficiently
2. KM is really about databases
1. KM is an IT function and should be given to the CIO

A detailed discussion of the Myths can be found here.

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