Tuesday, May 27, 2008

eLearning Africa

A short interview with George Siemens at the eLearning Africa conference where he talked about the future of learning, and opportunities and challenges for education/e-Learning in africa.

My vision of the future is one where learners are a part of – not only recipients of – information, knowledge, learning and teaching. It makes little sense for someone outside of Africa to promote their vision for the Continent. What is most important, in my eyes, is that Africa is able to define its own vision and future direction. As stated, the importance of considering a narrative of “being a part of” involves more than Africa participating in the information economy as defined by other countries or continents. Being a part of involves the creation of a personal identity, preserving existing cultures and being a contributor.

I hope to be able one day to take part in the eLearning Africa conference series and contribute to the development of e-Learning in Africa.

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