Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Voice of the Learner: How Employees Learn in 2008

Via Michele Martin's great blog.

The results of a survey conducted by The MASIE Center on how employees currently learn...

Some Quotes:

“What I like most about how I am currently learning for work is…”

  • ‘Having a variety of delivery methods. Ten years ago it was one way or the highway!’
  • ‘The ability to use digital technology for any-time, anywhere learning.'
  • ‘I could plug in my Mp3 player in my car and learn while I wait uselessly in traffic.’
  • ‘Freedom of delivery vehicle - in person, asynchronous, synch/live, anonymous, collaborative...'
  • ’The combination of in-person classes with online reinforcement.’

“I would learn better in the future if…”

  • ‘I had more time to devote to specific tasks related to learning and advanced technology.’
  • ‘I experienced more collaboration and discussions vs. reading and learning on my own.’
  • ‘Time were permitted without outside pressure to complete learning.’

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