Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Biggest Mistakes Made by Social Media Gurus

Social media gurus talking about their biggest social networking mistakes (by David Spark):

  • Respond to all negative comments
  • Participate in flame wars to increase traffic
  • Hire a voice talent for $2,000 to read a podcast for you
  • Send a specially selected mass mailing to your friends
  • Assume that social media doesn’t exist until you arrive
  • Post a comment on your own Facebook profile wall
  • Don’t engage with people who only want to push their own initiative
  • Over-architect a site with features and content without talking to your customers
  • Be overly careful about everything you say online
  • Don’t come to your own defense when people bad mouth you online
  • Accept friend requests from people you barely know
  • Stalk women on Facebook

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