Monday, October 27, 2008

CCK08 - More on Instructional/Learning Design

What did others say about Instructional/Learning Design:

- Adrian: “For some learners, however, we know that the linearity of courses that have been developed with a lock-step linear scope and sequence are not desirable, with the exception of their being the means to accreditation or certification”.

- Inez: “As we design instruction, it is important to remember that we're not building a path or constructing a house as much as we are nurturing a garden”.

- Bradley: “What I have come to realize is that up to 2 years ago, I often relied on others description of who the learner/user was. I never got to meet the learners; instead I relied on a subject matter expert who told me who the target audience was and provided the details and I applied objectives, wrote content and provided testing. Often the subject matter expert was several years removed from interacting with the end-users.

- Lani: “Those rules in the districts in which I worked were stringent, imposed not by educators but technicians interested in security, not learning. And they prevented, and continue to prevent, learners from making important connections with content, with people, with ideas, with networks, with the world... I’m wondering if the instructional designs I’ve developed in Blackboard don’t hold some similarity to the notion of that impenetrable firewall?” – I like the ID-Firewall analogy made there.

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