Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The first EATEL newsletter is released and is available here (.pdf). 
The objective of the European Association of Technology-Enhanced Learning (EATEL) is to promote education and continuing education in the area of "Technology-Enhanced Learning" (TEL) and to support science and research in this area.
Highlights in the newsletter  include the announcement of two promising new EU projects:

- The Responsive Open Learning Environments (ROLE) project is mainly dealing with self-regulated learning and personal learning environments. I enjoyed taking part in the negotiation and writing phases of the project proposal, and working with smart young researchers like Fridolin Wild, Felix Mödritscher and Matthias Palmer and world-class researchers in TEL that I used to know from PROLEARN like Erik Duval, Peter Scott, Paul Lefrere, Ambjörn Naeve and Martin Wolpers. 
- The STELLAR Network of Excellence is also focussing on the challenges of lifelong and self-organized learning. The project description resonates well with many of my views of the TEL future. 


Anonymous said...

Am I not 'smart and young' anymore ;-) ?

Mohamed Amine Chatti said...

Sure Erik, you're smart, young, and on top of the world-class researchers that I've ever met :-)