Monday, January 12, 2009

First International Workshop on Building Sustainable Open Source (OSCOMM2009)

My dear friend Imed Hammouda, who's doing great research in the areas of software engineering, open source systems, and social software, is organizing the First International Workshop on Building Sustainable Open Source Communities (OSCOMM 2009). This workshop will be held in conjunction with the Fifth International Conference on Open Source Systems (OSS 2009) in Sk√∂vde, Sweden, June 6, 2009. 

The goal of the workshop is to bring together interested academics, practitioners, and enthusiasts to discuss topics related to the area of open source communities. The workshop will offer an opportunity for the participants to share experiences and discuss challenges involved in building and maintaining open source communities. The workshop will also identify key research issues and challenges that lie ahead.

The call for papers is available here (.pdf). For more information, please visit the workshop website.
Please do consider submitting a paper to this very interesting workshop. 

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