Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Workshop Future Learning Landscapes

I'm organizing a workshop at EC-TEL 2009 together with my dear colleagues Serge, Yvan, Mike and Marcelo. Please do consider submitting a 2 pages position paper to this workshop. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. below is the CfP:


Call for papers

Future Learning Landscapes: Towards the Convergence of Pervasive and Contextual computing, Global Social Media and Semantic Web in Technology Enhanced Learning

a workshop of EC-TEL 2009
September 29 or 30, 2009


This workshop seeks to foster discussions and conceptual ideas regarding the convergence of three technologies which will have a major impact on next generation of technology enhanced learning environments, namely; pervasive computing, social media and the semantic web. Each one of these technologies provides its own opportunities and challenges as their convergence has the potential to enable the development of new educational practices in situated andnetworked learning.

This workshop aims at bringing together both practitioners and academics interested in these topics in order to explore and make a first statement on the opportunities and challenges that arise while combining pervasive computing, social media and the semantic web for the design and implementation of future learning landscapes. The workshop will facilitate discussions aiming at identify and summarize main theoretical and technological design concerns related to the increasing use of the technologies mentioned above in a variety of educational settings. It is expected that the main outcome of the workshop will result on a summarizing document (in the form of a white paper) that clearly describe future research directions on the related topics discussed during the workshop.

Relevant topics of interest to be discussed in this workshop include but are not limited to the following aspects:

* Global learning environments
- How can we reuse linked data to suggest activities and/or collaborations with other users on different environments and furthermore, how can we provide guidance to learners?
- How can we help tutors and teachers to understand learning processes and learner progression?
- What will be the contribution of such environments to pedagogical design and activities (e.g., field work, inquiry learning...)?
- What are the possible infrastructure solutions that will enable the aggregation of learning services and data interoperability among them (e.g., facebook, skype and blogs)?

* Institutional and social environment integration
- How can we integrate institutional learning and personal informal learning through the use of social media and mash-up techniques?
- How can we define global scenarios including formal and informal learning in social environments?
- How to support learning activities in context and across contexts?

* User modelling
- How can social data ontological tools like FOAF, SIOC, etc. enrich the user model?
- Can we build and leverage a rich user model, built from linked data on the learning web environments?

* Context and adaptation
- How can we develop new approaches to modelling context, arising from interactions between people, locations and interactive artefacts?
- How can context be dynamically adapted to social environments, to enable local and global adaptivity?
- How can continually changing contextual data be interpreted at the semantic level?


Position papers should address one of the topics of the workshop and are limited to 2 pages long.

It outlines the submitter’s view on the workshop theme and the reasons for the submitter’s interest in the particular topic. Based on the analysis of the submissions, the workshop organisers will prepare a short synthesis and issue oriented presentations for the introduction of the workshop.

Send papers to the following email address : futurelearning09@mlistes.telecom-bretagne.eu

Important Dates

* Paper submission deadline: July 31, 2009
* Notification of acceptance: August 14, 2009
* Final camera ready papers due: September 4, 2009
* Workshop date: September 29 or 30, 2009


Serge Garlatti – Telecom Bretagne, France
Yvan Peter – Université Lille 1 – LIFL, France
Mike Sharples, University of Nottingham, UK
Marcelo Milrad, Växjö University, Sweden
Mohamed Amine Chatti, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

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