Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Toward a Personal Learning Environment Framework

The paper "Toward a Personal Learning Environment Framework" was selected as the best article from the International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments (IJVPLE) for the 2010 volume year. More important, the paper is now free and can be downloaded here.


Over the past decade, it has been argued that technology-enhanced learning (TEL) could respond to the needs of the new knowledge society and transform learning. However, despite isolated achievements, TEL has not succeeded in revolutionizing education and learning processes. Most current TEL initiatives still take a centralized technology-push approach in which learning content is pushed to a predefined group of learners in closed environments. A fundamental shift toward a more open and learner-pull model for learning is needed. Recently, the Personal Learning Environment (PLE) concept has emerged to open new doors for more effective learning and overcome many of the limitations of traditional TEL models. In this paper, the authors present theoretical, design, implementation, and evaluation details of PLEF, a framework for mashup personal learning environments. The primary aim of PLEF is to help learners create custom learning mashups using a wide variety of digital media and data.


Harold Jarche said...

Congratulations, Mohamed! By the way, I may be in Aachen in October and it would be great to get together and have a chat.

Tony Ratcliffe said...

I second Harold's congrats! I've just downloaded the article to read, thanks to Stephen's reference in OLDaily.


Dr. Mohamed Amine Chatti said...

Thanks Harold and Tony. Thanks also to Stephen for the reference!

Helen Walmsley said...

This looks interesting, but the link for the free version of the article does not show a copy. Has it now been removed?

Dr. Mohamed Amine Chatti said...

Hi Helen,
I'm afraid it has been removed by the publisher. You can however find the paper here.