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2nd Call for Participation & Registration - Cow Paths: Agency in Social Software

2nd Call for Participation & Registration

2nd International Symposium in Media Informatics - "Cow Paths: Agency in Social Software" - November 16-17, 2006, B-IT, Bonn, Germany

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International Cowpaths:
German Cowpaths:

Social software - often connected to older forms of computer mediated communication (CMC) and newer discussion about online communities - can be defined as software that supports activities in digital social networks. The use of new digital media tools such as blogs, wikis, tagging and other communicative or multimedia assets create new challenges for interdisciplinary research in media informatics.

* What are the effects when media get agency in digital networks?
* How can we trace and understand collective processes on the internet?
* What is the role of visualisation?
* What is the role of social software on change processes in organisations?
* Are there new models of labour, new processes and new forms of organisations possible?
* Will users be empowered or will lack of data protection and privacy set free new genies?
* What is the impact of tools supporting social structures on the emancipation and appropriation?
* Which are the impacts on design and media?
* Will they help facilitating new forms of democracy, digital rights, and overcome the digital divide?
* Or will the hunt for digital reputation lead to cow paths where only cows walk by?

The second international symposium on perspectives in media informatics is organized jointly by the two leading collaborative research centres for media Media and cultural communication and Medienumbrueche, the Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology B-IT, and the Network of Excellence on technology enhanced professional learning PROLEARN. It brings together researchers and practitioners from media informatics, sociology, ANT, law, media theory, social software, collaborative work and learning, to discuss current trends and emergent issues of sociality in digital networks in a mixture of invited talks and round table events. The event will be accomplished by online activities and practical exercises in social software.

Symposium Chairs
Ralf Klamma (RWTH Aachen University, SFB/FK 427)
Volker Wulf (University of Siegen, Fraunhofer FIT, SFB/FK 615)

Organizing Committee
Erika Linz (B-IT Bonn)
Marc Spaniol (RWTH Aachen University, SFB/FK 427)
Michael Veith (University of Siegen, SFB/FK 615)

Technical Organizer
Reinhard Linde (RWTH Aachen University)

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before November 11, 2006 and get a 50€ discount!

For programme details please visit:

Thursday, November 16, 2006 - Invited Talks:

Pictures of Traces of Places, People, and Groups: Recent Work from the Microsoft Research Community Technologies Group Marc Smith (Microsoft Research, Redmond)

Software Development Teams: Tracing, Visualizing, and Understanding Collective Processes on the Internet Anabel Quan-Haase (The University of Western Ontario)

Rethinking Social Software
Erhard Schüttpelz (University of Siegen)

The Media in the Age of Citizen Journalists
Frank Kappe (TU Graz)

Public Talk in the Informatics Year - Science Year 2006
Interactive TV: From one way communication to software-based collaboration? Thomas Becker (Marketing Director & Group Executive Digital Home, Buhl Data Service GmbH)

Research Policy to forster North Rhine Westfalia's Software and Media Industries Dr. Michael Stückradt, Vice-Minister for Innovation, State of North Rhine Westfalia, Düsseldorf


Friday, November 17, 2006 - Workshops/Round Table:

Workshop 1: Applying Social Software for Knowledge Management Claudia Müller (University of Potsdam) and Mohamed Amine Chatti (RWTH Aachen University)

Workshop 2: User Generated Content & User Generated Metadata Johannes Liegl (Know-Center, Graz, Austria) and Mathias Lux (University of Klagenfurt, Austria)

Workshop 3: Impact of Social Software on Society: PROWalk Event Sebastian Fiedler (Centre for Social Innovation, Vienna, Austria) and Ton Zijlstra (Proven Partners, Enschede, The Netherlands)

Workshop 4: Media and Conflict Studies
Michael Schnegg (University of Cologne) and Ralf Klamma (RWTH Aachen University and SFB/FK 427)

Round Table: Research Issues in Media Informatics
Volker Wulf (University of Siegen and SFB/FK 615)
Ralf Klamma (RWTH Aachen University and SFB/FK 427)
Marc Smith (Microsoft Research, Redmond)
Thomas Becker (Marketing Director & Group Executive Digital Home, Buhl Data Service GmbH) Karl Gosejacob (Charles Bernd GmbH and Head of VDMA Division Software, München)
Reinhardt Michael (Section Head IT, State Ministery for Innovation NRW, Düsseldorf)
Katja Henke (Manager Research Line "Usability Engineering", T-Labs, Berlin)
Knut Manske (Head of Darmstadt Lab, SAP-Research, Darmstadt)

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