Monday, October 30, 2006

Custom Search Engines

Google has recently launched the Google Custom Search Engine. "It's a simple and straightforward product to use and understand. In a matter of minutes you can create a search engine that reflects your knowledge and interests; looks and feels like your own; and, if you choose, you can make money from the traffic you receive through Google's AdSense program. You can even invite your friends and trusted community members to add to and help build your search engine", claims the Google Co-op team.

This is however not new. For instance
Rollyo also allows users to create customized search engines containing up to 25 websites on a particular subject area. Eurekster’s Swicki is also an example of such custom search engines.


Roldan said...

Here's a simple implementation of Google Co-op,
By Customizing Google Search, GooTube was able to provide a Search Engine exclusively for videos. The results can be refined by different sources or video hosting sites.

celebritiescelebs said...
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