Friday, August 17, 2012

Knowledge Management: A Personal Knowledge Network Perspective

The paper "Knowledge Management: A Personal Knowledge Network Perspective" has been published in the Journal of Knowledge Management. The paper can be downloaded here.


Knowledge Management (KM) and Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) have attracted attention over the past two decades and are meanwhile considered as important means to increase organizational and individual performance. In this article, we review previous models of KM and PKM and explore their failure to address the problem of knowledge worker performance and to cope with the constant change and critical challenges of the new knowledge era. We further highlight the crucial need for new KM models that have the potential to overcome the shortcomings of previous models. In light of these shortcomings, we introduce and discuss the Personal Knowledge Network (PKN) model as an alternative model to KM and PKM that is better adapted to the demands of the new knowledge environments. The PKN model views knowledge as a personal network and represents a knowledge ecological approach to KM.


Mohamed Amine Chatti, (2012) "Knowledge Management: A Personal Knowledge Network Perspective", Journal of Knowledge Management, 16(5)