Wednesday, February 25, 2015

PRiME received the eLearning Award 2015

Logo: PRIME - Professional Reflective Mobile Personal Learning EnvironmentsDen eLearning-Award schon in der Tasche und für den Deutschen Bildungspreis 2015 nominiert: Das Team vom Projekt "PRiME". (Bild: BMBF)

Our BMBF Project Professional Reflective Mobile Personal Learning Environments (PRiME) received the eLearning Award 2015 in the categories personal learning environment and knowledge management.

An overview on the project can be found on the qualifizierungsdigital portal and more details on the project website.

A recent report is avaible at of the German Federal Ministry of Education (BMBF) Website.

PRiME offers an integrated professional learning and knowledge management framework for personal as well as organizational learning, addressing the following objectives:

·     Provide an innovative professional learning approach, where informal and network learning converge around a self-directed learning environment. This approach is grounded in the Learning as a Network (LaaN) theory. 
·         Design a work-integrated framework that links mobile job activities and self-directed learning in context.
·         Develop and evaluate mobile learning applications to support mobile learning in context.
·         Support continuous reflection at three levels:  (a) the personal learning environment (PLE) level where professional learners can annotate learning materials on their mobile tablet devices; (b) these materials can be shared, commented, and rated by peers at the personal knowledge network (PKN) level; (c) the new generated learning materials can then be shared and used within the company at the network of practice (NoP) level.
·         Develop and evaluate learning analytics tools and methods (e.g. dashboards, recommendation, intelligent feedback, context-based search) to support reflective learning at the workplace.