Monday, October 09, 2006

Web 2.0 Driven Book Writing

The traditional way to write book is a one direction process, i.e. from the author (knowledge creator) to the reader (knowledge consumer). The "public" has to wait until the book is released to get the chance to read, comment, discuss, and use the same for further work. The resulting knowledge in this case will likely be out-of-date in a rapidly knowledge changing era and more likely not of high quality, for it does not cover the whole landscape, since it´s the opinion of only one author or a restricted group of authors.

George Siemens has chosen another way to write his new book "knowing Knowledge" that according to George will be available by October, 13. George offered a wiki and a blog for researchers to contribute and discuss the ideas and concepts of his book, before it gets published. In doing this, George has given a nice example of how to edit a book based on Web 2.0 concepts.
This form of book writing does meet most of the Web 2.0 key principles e.g. The Web As Platform; Harnessing Collective Intelligence; End of the Software Release Cycle. For sure the final outcome of this form of book writing will be up-to-date, quality knowledge, for it´s the result of collaborative knowledge creation and collective intelligence. That´s the power of Web 2.0...The power of many!

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Chris Matthieu said...

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