Monday, February 26, 2007

OpenID Links

OpenID is an open, decentralized identity system that attempts to provide a solution to the multiple log on ID systems to access various sites across the internet. At O´Reilly Radar, Brady Forrest gives some of OpenID Pros:

  • You probably already have one - Via your AOL page or SixApart blog
  • You can make your own website into an OpenID provider - This is very simple and is what makes it so appealing to bloggers.
  • Saves you time when trying new sites and features - You already know your namespace is available
  • Desktop support is coming via Vista and Firefox 3.0
  • Easy to maintain multiple identities - All you need are different URLs
  • It's decentralized - Not owned by any one company (MS Passport) or standards body (Liberty Alliance)

More and more sites and companies are OpenID enabled. On February 20 the ReadWriteWeb blog states "Digg is the latest company to declare its support for OpenID. This follows on from recent announcements of support from Microsoft and AOL. And as Techcrunch noted, Yahoo, LiveJournal, and Wikipedia are some other organizations that had previously announced their support".

More interesting Links/Blogposts on OpenId: (the following list will be updated regularly, kindly let me know if you know other links)

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