Monday, June 04, 2007

PROLEARN Summer School 2007

Last week, I attended the PROLEARN summer school in beautiful Fréjus, France. I couldn´t imagine before the amazing time I had there. It was indeed a merry time especially with the 2 Tims, Kien, and Hai. We had a lot of fun together. Tim has written about the nice moments at the summer school in his blog. Erik, who for me was the best speaker at the summer school, has also blogged on the 2 days he spent with us there. It was also a very fruitful time of networking with peers. Different talks, workshops and social events have been organized. PhD students from all over the world who are mainly working in the area of technology enhanced learning have come together to get to know each other, discuss and exchange their ideas and future research plans. It was really a very successful summer school!

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