Thursday, September 20, 2007

ALOA Framework

I´ve got several requests on how to use the ALOA Web Services. ALOA is the Web Services driven framework for IEEE LOM compliant automatic matadata generation. More information about this framework is availabe here. A detailed description of the ALOA Web Services can be found here. I´ve also written a simple class that uses the ALOA Web Services to generate the LOM summary metadata from Stephen Downes´famous article E-Learning 2.0 in 3 different languages; French, German, and English. You can see the result below or test it yourself at the ALOA project homepage.


import java.rmi.RemoteException;

import i5.prolearn.aloa.samgiservice.SamgIPortProxy;
import i5.prolearn.aloa.samgiservice.types.MetadatasourceId;
import i5.prolearn.aloa.samgiservice.types.URLMetadatasourceId;
import i5.prolearn.aloa.samgiservice.types.samgiFaults.SamgiFault;

public class ALOAWS {

public static void main(String[] args) throws RemoteException, SamgiFault {

URLMetadatasourceId metadatasourceId =
new URLMetadatasourceId();
SamgIPortProxy sampleSamgIPortProxyid = new SamgIPortProxy();
String[] targets = new String[] {"english", "german", "french"};

sampleSamgIPortProxyid.setLanguages("1234", targets);

String[] types = new String[] {"SUMMARY"};
String res = sampleSamgIPortProxyid.getMetadata(
"1234", new MetadatasourceId[] {
metadatasourceId }, types);



Result in XML:

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