Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Lessons Learnt on Social Software for Professional Learning

This call is also available on Ralf's blog.

The NoE PROLEARN on professional learning is preparing a final deliverable for the work package "Social Software" called "Lessons Learnt on Social Software for Professional Learning"

The rationales are to invite all the experts in the area of Technology Enhanced Professional Learning to give their lessons learnt on the use of web 2.0 and social software technologies for professional learning and to research what is the current impact on social software on European TEL industries?

* In order to conduct the research we have prepared and sent an internet based questionnaire about the formal structure, the knowledge management & HR pratices, and the leadership culture in European companies. If you haven't got an invitation for the questionnaire, please contact bachwerk[at]i5.informatik.rwth-aachen.de and you will get an email with the invitation.

* In order to have a more Web 2.0 kind of interaction I kindly ask you just to send some comments to this entry, links to your own entries about your lessons learnt, podcasts, wikis, links etc.

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