Tuesday, April 08, 2008

WEBIST 2008 Program

The program of the 4th International Conference on Web Informations Systems and Technologies (WEBIST 2008) is now available at: http://www.webist.org/program.htm.
I'll be presenting there our paper "Towards Web 2.0 Driven Learning Environments".


Over the last decade, it has been widely argued that technology-enhanced learning could respond to the needs of the new knowledge society and transform the way we learn. However, despite isolated achievements, technology-enhanced learning has not really succeeded yet in revolutionizing our education and learning processes. In fact, most current initiatives do not focus on the social aspect of learning and learning content is still pushed to a pre-defined group of learners in closed environments. Recently, Web 2.0 concepts have started to open new doors for more effective learning and have the potential to overcome many of the limitations of traditional learning models. In this paper we show in which way the community-driven platform Learnr, under development at the University of M√ľnster, puts crucial success factors for future technology enhanced learning into practice, applying well known concepts like networking and social tagging. As a consequence, a Web 2.0 perspective on learners, learning content and learning communities can be derived.


M.A. Chatti, D. Dahl, M. Jarke, G. Vossen: Towards Web 2.0-Driven Learning Environments (Proc. 4th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technolgies (WEBIST), Funchal (to appear)), 2008

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