Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Graham Attwell and PLEs

Kai Pata gives a summary of a discussion on the Personal Learning Environment concept between Graham Attwell and some participants at the PROLEARN summer school . Kai writes:

The workshop was a discussion with students and Graham, it was a bit disappointing… I think mostly very general things were brought up by students and Graham’s answers were same general. Anyway, nice experience of how to spend 1,5 hour of making bubbles with some pearls among. Graham’s point of course was that he is not presenting anything but he is here to start the conversation, in the end he said that for those who feel disappointed, there is the slidecast of 20 min is in slideshare and lots of info is under PLE tag in his blog.

According to Graham:
Learning environment is not a program or site in internet - its a series of tools which individual learners use across multiple devices which are used in different ways and different contexts.
Graham here defines a learning environemnt in terms of technology (i.e. a series of tools). I think however that technology is just an enabler. In my eyes a learning environment is an ecology for knowledge networking.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i agree with you. Actually this was what i told to Graham afterwards, but i think the majority of summer school people was not ready to leave the holy technology view. Is hard to make yourself heard with the ecology view if all the rest people talk at more general terms.

In his workshop later Graham let people to draw their PLEs - there the approach was more towards activity centered view. Some of these are in flickr feed with scohrid tag.

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Amine Chatti said...

Thanks Kai for your comment and reference. Btw, I'm a permanent reader of your great blog and I like your ideas.