Monday, June 09, 2008

NetLearn: Social Network Analysis and Visualisations for Learning

Last Friday, Theresia Devi Indriasari successfully defended her master thesis "NetLearn: Social Network Analysis and Visualisations for Learning". The main goal the thesis was to develop and evaluate a system, which uses social network analysis and visualisation methods to visualise and analyse co-authorship networks, find experts, and mine communities. The proposed solution fulfills these requirements. The implemented system provides several analysis and visualisation modules that can help in locating experts and discovering learning communities with similar research interests.

The NetLearn system can be accessed here. Please feel free to use the PROLEARN Academy publication interface to add your own publications. You can then see different visualisations of your local network and discover other researchers and communities with similar research/learning interests. Please refer to the help page if you would face any applet issues.
Feedback, comments etc. are welcome!

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