Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Model-Driven Mashup Personal Learning Environments

Here are the slides of my talk last week at the MUPPLE workshop at ECTEL09. You can find the proceedings of the workshop here.

In this talk, I mainly introduced the concept of model-driven mashup development and presented PLEF-Ext as a service that leverages the Service Mapping Description (SMD) annotations of RESTful Web services to facilitate the automatic mediation and creation of client-based mashups.This service can be accessed here. Below is a list of popular Web services described with SMD.

- Geonames

- Google Ajax API

- Google Maps

- Yahoo Answers

- Yahoo Search

- YouTube

You can also find here other SMDs by Eric Abouaf.

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Margarida Lucas said...

Hello Mohamed!

I enjoyed your presentation on NetLearn very much and am particularly interested in exploring it.

As I was not able to attend the MUPPLE workshop I'm glad you posted the slides.

Margarida Lucas