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EC-TEL 2010 Call for Workshops

EC-TEL 2010
Fifth European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning
Sustaining TEL: From Innovation to Learning and Practice

28 September - 1 October, 2010, Barcelona, Spain

Description and scope

EC-TEL 2010 will bring together people researching, working on and working with technological developments, learning models, and implementations of new and innovative approaches to training and education. The conference will explore how the synergy of multiple disciplines, such as Computer Science, Education, Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Social Science, can provide new, more effective and more sustainable technology-enhanced learning solutions to learning problems. The conference welcomes researchers and developers from all countries and all industries to present their recent advancements from technologies, applications, and learning models in all areas of technology enhanced learning.

In addition to the main program, EC-TEL 2010 will host workshops on topics related to the conference theme. Workshops promote scientific exchange amongst junior and senior researchers from different settings (i.e. universities, high-school, lifelong learning institutions, foundations, SMEs, companies, technology platforms). The workshops provide a face-to-face meeting point for exchange of information and experiences (i.e. project results, ongoing research, outstanding topics) related to Technology Enhanced Learning and the many sub-topics which embrace it.

General Information and Criteria

* Co-located workshops should cover topics falling within the general scope of the EC-TEL conference (refer to http://www.ectel2010.org), in September 28th, 29th
* Face-to-face contributions are encouraged. A workshop is not intended to be a paper session, symposium or set of slideshows. The more that people contribute in a pro-active and inter-active way, the more chances to get a highly successful workshop. Organizers should explicitly indicate in the methodology section how to support this interaction and active contribution between participants
* You might consider online contribution from people abroad. Should you have this setting in mind, please indicate technical requirements and you will elicit contribution from this group
* The minimum number of participants, including organizers is 10
* There is a clear main focus-topic, in addition to a well-defined target group
* Workshop duration can be either a half day or a full day
* Furthermore, as organiser, please provide detailed information about the review process, the name and affiliation of the reviewers, and the kinds of submissions you expect from participants (i.e. abstracts, short papers, full papers). In addition, suggestions and contacts of scientific journals to publish the workshops proceedings are welcome. Participation without a submitted paper is also possible
* In order to ensure the quality of the workshop contributions and their alignment with the general conference, we will follow a two-step process: 1) When an individual workshop is approved, the workshop organizers will manage the submission and internal review process of its participants and submitted papers; 2) All accepted papers in a workshop should be submitted to the workshop chair before the workshop so that they can be accessible on the website
* The most relevant papers will be invited to submit an extended version for further publication in a scientific journal

Submission process

1. Write a 2-page proposal with the following sections: Title, link (if appropriate), duration (half day, full day), main person responsible (full name, email address, phone number, a 2-line CV), other organizers (full names, email addresses, phone numbers, a 2-line CV), reviewers (full names and affiliation), workshop description, main topic, expected number of participants, target group (i.e., participant profile), expected outcomes, methodology, timetable, technical requirements, other considerations (e.g. related to a project or association)
2. Make a PDF-DOC file. Only PDF or DOC files will be accepted
3. Go to the EC-TEL 2010 website -> Submissions -> Workshop Submissions: http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ectel2010workshops
* Watch: there is a separate submission website for papers, posters and demonstrations at: http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=ectel2010
4. Register at the EasyChair System.
5. Login with your EasyChair username and password
6. Choose "New Submission" in the top menu
7. Fill out all details in the form
8. Please specify all the required fields
9. Upload your workshop proposal as a PDF or DOC file; you can add an attachment too
10. Register into the conference

Important dates

1. Workshop proposals: 11 April 2010
2. Workshop acceptance: 11 May 2010
3. Paper deadline submission to workshops: 27 June 2010
4. Final paper acceptance: 31 July 2010
5. Workshops: 28, 29 September 2010

For more information

Contact the Workshop chair:
Daniel Burgos, TELSpain/ATOS Origin
www.telspain.es, www.atosresearch.eu
daniel.burgos@atosresearch.eu (subject: [EC-TEL2010] Workshop + your reference)

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