Thursday, February 24, 2011


We offered a Web Technologies course in the past semester. We opted this time for a more self-organized learning event by giving our students more control over the whole learning experience. The students took an active role in the organization and assessment of the course. They gave talks on different emerging Web technologies and worked on their own projects using their preferred technologies. They also evaluated each other talks and project presentations. The result was quite impressive.
To be honest I learned much in this course. You can find slides of the technologies presented in course on Slideshare. Some videos of the developed projects are available on YouTube, tagged with webtech1011.

Below are the topics covered in this course:
- Web Standards
- Server-side Technologies (PHP, ASP.NET, JSP/Servlets, Symfony, Struts, Rails)
- Client-side Technologies (RIA, Flash, JavaFX, Silverlight, AJAX, JQuery, Dojo, GWT)
- Web Services (SOA, REST/SOAP, Web APIs, Mashups)
- Emerging Technologies (Mobile Web, Android, iOS, Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Web Mining, Recommender Systems)

It's not that everything went as expected. We got several suggestions for improvement that we will definitely take into consideration in the next iterations of the course.

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